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Your car is in capable hands! We designed this style of repair for classic muscle cars, working directly with the manufacturer of OE-by-design panels. We design and fabricate our proprietary factory style assembly tables in house. To ensure proper factory style welding, our welding equipment is certified by every auto manufacturer.



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Finish Line

Finish Line

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Brian's 1968 Camaro

Brian brought us a car with its own unique story; he built and painted it himself, including mini-tubs, at the cost of many, many hours of labor. So why did the car wind up at The Installation Center? One rain slicked morning on a highway in Virginia the car was tapped from behind and sent spinning into the barrier wires in the center median. With all four corners of the car damaged, Brian just couldn’t bear the thought of doing it all over again, plus he already had other projects in the works begging for his time. We were happy to supply our time and expertise in helping Brian iron out the creases in the pretty 1968 Camaro he had built.

Ed's 1969 Camaro

Ed and his family had their 1969 Camaro in two different shops over the course of two and a half years and got back a car that was actually worse than when it started. The methods used on the car are often referred to as ‘patch and plaster’ or ‘cave and pave’. Most of the repairs done at the other shops were already failing as you will clearly see in some of the photos. It was a long drive from New York for Ed and his family tobring the car to us,but it was worth it. While we were working on the car, Ed was laid up from back surgery and we had the opportunity to send him some cheer via email photos of the progress on his families Camaro. Ed and his family now have a solid body to build their dream car around.

Gordon's 1969 Camaro

Gordon brought us up a very rusty 1969 Camaro from South Carolina for extensive panel replacement and convinced us to do a ‘tub job’ on it. At the time Gordon’s car came up we were not doing any modifications, only OEM style panel replacements. Thanks to Gordon, several customers have taken advantage of our new ‘mini-tub’ program. In addition to Detroit Speed & Engineering tubs, we also added a QUADRA link rear suspension, DSE sub-frame connecters and a T-56 cross member. To top it all off, Gordon had DSE send up their new HYDROFORMED sub-frame and added 18 and 20 inch Budnik wheels. This will be one super slick car when it is finished and we are looking forward to putting some finished photos on our web site.

Jimmy's 1969 Camaro SS

Jimmy brought us in another car that was completely redone and on the road. So what was the problem? With just a few miles on his beautiful 1969 SS, Jimmy tipped into the gas pedal on the potent power plant only to have the flywheel shatter into pieces that tore up the transmission,the rear of the engine, and the firewall. The good news is that Jimmy andhis wife walked away without a scratch; the bad news, a lot of hard work down the drain. Jimmy took the car apart and brought it up to The Installation Center for a complete rebuild of the firewall area. As always we were happy to help out and sent the car home with a new ‘smooth’ firewall as well as cowl shoulders, upper cowl and dash top.

Josh and Bronwyn's 1968 Camaro

Josh and his wife Bronwyn have one of those classic cars stories that could become legend. They turned over a complete 1968 Camaro to a local shop to be renovated, body and paint etc. When the work commenced Josh wasn’t happy with what he saw and the shop promised to put a ‘better man’ on the job. After much frustration over the course of 11 months Josh and Bronwyn decided to pull their project out of the shop. When the car showed up at their home it was only pieces of the car and when they went down to the shop for the rest of the car the shop nolonger existed. The building had literally been removed and what was left of their car was scattered around the property and the concrete slab. Josh and Bronwyn rented a truck and went back to pick up what parts they could, the motor; however, showed up later on their driveway one night. Although we were dismayed at how Josh and Bronwyn were treated by the other shop, we were glad to have the opportunity to prove that you can get excellent work at a reasonable price just as promised.



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Q. Do you do body and paint work or restorations?
A. Restoring body shells is our only business.
Q. Do you do collision work?
A. We do not do collision work as such; However, we have worked on several Camaros that were either collision damaged in the past or recently and have rectified that damage as part of installing the body panels. We still do not do any body work or paint.
Q. Do you put on patch panels, lower quarters, door bottoms etc.?
A. While we will do some limited patch work on floor pans we do not use patch panels on the exterior body surfaces. Using complete factory style panels results in a body that is restored and not patched.
Q. Do you work on anything other than 67 thru 69 Camaros?
A. We work on quite a few different makes and models. Check out our estimator to see what’s available.
Q. How do I get my car to you?
A. Feel free to contact us concerning professional car haulers. If you are using your own trailer you are welcome to park it here until you pick your car up.
Q. How do I schedule an Appointment?
A. You may call us at 706-348-6653 Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. EST to discuss availability. We also encourage you to look at our Estimate page and to also look over our Price Lists, both on this site.
Q. What about media blasting my car?
A. If you feel that it is necessary to have your body media blasted in order to properly assess the amount of damage involved then it is probably a good idea to do so. If however, you have a body that you know is severely rust damaged then there is no point in blasting panels that are going to be discarded anyway. Please call for advice.
Q. What condition should my car arrive in?
A. Prior to delivery, the car must be stripped to a shell: No Glass, No Trim, NOTHING bolted to the car but the Door Shells & Trunk Lid with associated latches.
Q. What if I need something that isn't on the price list?
A. We have only tried to cover the most common body parts on our price lists and in fact do install many other parts when required; please call 706-348-6653 for assistance.


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Super Chevy AMD Chevelle

Craig and the team tackle a full restoration of this 1967 Chevelle SS396 for Super Chevy magazine.

Super Chevy AMD Camaro

Craig and the team restore the body of this 1969 Camaro for Super Chevy magazine.

1967 Chevelle SS Restoration Series

For a more complete instructional video series on the AMD Chevelle, check out the series from Craig Hopkins Productions.

Craig Hopkins Productions is proud to present a documentary video series that will cover in detail a build schedule that will help you build a better project and keep you from duplicating work. Each video in this series deals with specific details and insider tips that will keep any restoration on track. This first in the series of AMD/Super Chevy videos will help you assess your project and provide numerous tips on hardware and panel removal.